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Pedro Cordero at the helm of the boat featured in Miami Vice

32 Years of History: Humble Beginnings on the Long Road to Excellence

Growing up in the port-town of Caibarien in Cuba gave Pedro Cordero a powerful connection to the ocean, which continued even after his family moved to Miami in the 1970s. At 16 years old, his passion for the open water led him to take special interest in a marine mechanic as he worked on an outboard motor on his father’s boat. Seeing this inspired him to rapidly become a self-taught mechanic himself by working at a local marine mechanics business. It wasn’t long before he officially began his very own business, American Boat Repairs, in 1986. He was 26 years old.


His gradually growing reputation in Miami led him to work on hundreds of boats and yachts across the city’s marinas. His renowned skills eventually led him to work on watercraft owned by prominent local figures and even famous vessels such as the speed boat featured in Miami Vice (pictured above with Cordero at the helm).


In 1997, Cordero transplanted his business, with the name Unlimited Boat Service, to the beautiful port town of Wilmington, North Carolina. His decade of experience paired with his strong work-ethic would quickly gain him a powerful reputation among local boat and yacht owners as a reliable serviceman. 10 years later, Cordero moved Unlimited Boat Service to the Treasure Coast in Florida, where he now resides. Tellingly, some customers from North Carolina would insist on making the voyage to Florida to have Cordero continue to work on their boats and yachts.


Today, Pedro Cordero and his son Pedro Jr., work together delivering unparalleled experience and workmanship on the Treasure Coast. At the helm of the business is Pedro’s wife, Josie and, of course, their beloved boxer Apache. Together they continue their family owned-and-operated business, Unlimited Boat Service, for the 27th year and counting.